Carnivals this Week

One of the coolest things in the blogging community and specifically the PF blogging community are Carnivals. If you’ve never seen a carnival before it’s a collection of articles that are submitted to a presenter or host. This person collects and organizes all of the posts that are submitted into what’s typically a very long post. These are great because in one post you get what are probably the best articles on the topic from the past week.

I’ve been participating in a couple carnivals over the past couple weeks and this week is no different. I participated in the Carnival of Personal Finance (#140) and the Festival of Frugality (#113). The Festival of Frugality was hosted by the Mighty Bargain Hunter and was based on the theme of Presidents Day. Here are a few articles that caught my attention from the festival:

Outwardly Simple and Inwardly Rich
Ten Lessons from a One-Income Family
Celebrities and Money: Sarah Michelle Gellar

The Carnival of Personal Finance was hosted by The Financial Blogger and followed a Prison Break theme. Here are some of the articles that caught my attention from it:

You Are Not Your Stuff, Your Stuff Is Not You.
Lessons I Wish I Learned Earlier
The Car I didn’t Buy
Save Time and Money with These Tips for Organizing Your Personal and Financial Records

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