Job Search Series – Step 4 – Getting Out There

Job Search Series - Step 4 - Getting Out There

Welcome to the next entry in the Job Search Series So far we’ve covered off: Analyzing your past, knowing what you’re looking for and most recently writing your resume. At this point you should be ready to go out there and apply and get yourself some jobs interviews.

By getting out there I am saying that you should let the world, or at least the companies you’re interested in, know that you’re looking for work. Depending on the industry that you’re looking for work in this might mean that you have to go any apply for a position in person or it might mean that you apply for jobs online. There are a number of ways that this can occur but you have to make sure to get out there.

There are a few things that I would do regardless of the industry that I was looking for a job in. First off post your resume online (Workopolis, Monster, Dice), this will provide you with some initial exposure for your resume. Not to mention that this is necessary to use most of those services. Next I would start applying to jobs. If you came up with a list of jobs during your research you could start applying to these (or doing more research about the companies for your cover letter, we’ll cover this in the next step). Finally I would start looking around for job fairs, job boards and in general career related information and postings.

There is no way around the fact that this part of the process can be laborious and take time but it is also necessary. If you’re still working while searching most of the online sites have ‘private’ settings to keep your name protected (just in case). Don’t get discouraged.

Next we’ll move onto the aspect of looking for a job that I like least but its also one that I know is incredibly important: The cover letter.

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