Job Search Series – Step 6 – The Interview

Job Search Series - Step 6 - The Interview

The next step in the Job Search Series is the Interview. Getting your foot in the door so you can actually sit down to meet with your prospective employer is where we’ve gotten to now. Unfortunately that doesn’t mean that you’ve got the job; you’ve been selected out of a pile of resumes as a potential fit and now you need to prove it face to face.

The interview helps the employer know if you would fit into the organization by asking you questions about your previous experience. They need to know that you know what you’re talking about (unfortunately a lot of people lie on their resumes). They also need to get a sense for your personality to make sure that you’ll be able to work with them and the others in the company.

Interviews can be very nerve wracking for some people. There are a few things that you can do to make sure that you’re better prepared and do well during the interview. First off you really need to do your prep work. In this case prep work means knowing the position you’re applying for, reviewing your resume and being able to talk about your previous experience, and most importantly do some research on the company. If you have an interview with company ABC, make sure you find out as much as you can about the company. This means checking their website and doing some searches online about them.

As you’re doing your research you should start collecting a list of questions that you’ll want to ask the employer. In some cases they’re answer most of them during the actual interview but you need to keep in mind the type of atmosphere you’re walking into, roles and responsibilities. Ask as many open ended questions as possible.

During the actual interview stay calm and collected. I know that this is easier said then done if you’re interviewing for your dream job. But remember your prep-work will give you something to ask them about and it will show initiative and interest on your end. Make sure that end of the interview you have a good sense of what the company and the job are about.

By coming in prepared you’ll be able to make a good impression. But don’t forget the person on the other end of the desk is human too. There’s a good chance they don’t like interviewing or aren’t very good at it.. Present yourself as best you can, get as much information about the job as you can and that’s about all you can do. Good Luck, knock ‘em dead!

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  1. One thing a lot of people don’t realize when they interview is the company is talking to you because they need to hire someone with your skills. It’s a simple concept. Managers don’t have time to waste talking to unqualified people. If you’ve made it this far, you are VERY close to getting a job.

    Also, your graphic has a typo in it: invterview. 🙂

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