Book Review – The Procrastinators Handbook

Like it or not you procrastinate, some of us do it more than others but we’ve all had those moments where we procrastinate. For some people this is a serious problem where they essentially do nothing with their lives and in the end they don’t even know why they didn’t get off their butts to do something about it. Rita Emmett wrote the Procrastinator’s Handbook for anyone who procrastinates and let me tell you this little book is power packed. I’ve read The Procrastinator’s Handbook a couple times now and I enjoyed it just as much the second time around as I did the first.

The book has a great flow to it and Rita uses a lot of examples. These examples are down to earth examples that most people can relate to very easily. I picked up a great many tidbits from the book the first time I read it and I gladly refreshed my memory the second time around. There were a few things about The Procrastinator’s Handbook I really liked:

Fears: Rita doesn’t only give tips and suggestions for stopping our procrastinating ways but she also looks at some of the reasons we procrastinate in the first place. The fears section of the book really makes you stop and think about why you’re putting something off. Having this information is vital, in my opinion, to getting over some of the procrastinating elements.

Clutter busting: Long time readers will know that I’ve been on this kick with simplicity lately and I think that a lot of it stems back to when I first read The Procrastinator’s Handbook. The clutter busting suggestions made me stop and start getting rid of the junk around me that was weighing me down more than anything else.

Tips: This book is filled with tips and suggestions. Not only that there are exercises throughout the book that will make you stop and think about why you’re not doing that task. I think this book would be a great compliment to other productivity books out there.

I highly recommend this little book. Rita has taken her experience and turned it into an easy to read book that can help pretty much anyone. The Procrastinator’s Handbookis a quick read but full of information. I’ll probably re-read the book at some point in the future.

3 thoughts on “Book Review – The Procrastinators Handbook”

  1. Just came across this blog today. I think you’re working towards a great goal and I love that you’re chronicling it publically.

    Useful book review, too. Keep up the good work.

  2. My husband is a real procrastinator and reads books on how to prevent it just to procrastinate doing other stuff! He even read a book on procrastination once that said in the second aparagraph that the only reason you were reading this book was to avoid doing something else and you should stop reading and get on with it – genius!

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