A Big Purchase Can Be a Good Thing

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Most people really start shying away the moment bigger purchases are involved. Understandably so there is a lot more money involved in a big purchase of say a TV than there is in buying a can of soda. We all like the big expensive purchases but we don’t like to make them. This past weekend we made just one of those purchases, we bought an HD TV.

Before anyone has the opportunity to say anything this was a purchase we were thinking about for a while. I was actually contemplating it for over a year. At that time the prices of HD TVs was way too high and the purchase was out of the question. This time around when we were at Best Buy looking around; it turned out that the prices had dropped quite considerably and we ended up purchasing a TV (32” flat screen with HD).

The purchase itself wasn’t too expensive though there was a very expensive cable that came with it (an HDMI cable, which we’ve yet to use) and we’ll need to buy an alternate TV stand but that isn’t immediate. The biggest impact and why a big purchase can be a good thing for me is the huge space savings we’re getting by going form a 32” tube TV to a flat screen. I am truly amazed by it. We can shrink the TV stand/wall unit in half width wise!

There is one additional benefit from all of this and that is I think with the thinner TV the price of the house might just have gone up. No the TV isn’t staying when we move but it creates the impression of a lot of space where before the living room looked very cluttered and narrow. I think that impression of space might make a huge difference when it comes time to sell.

On a final note, I really enjoyed the Best Buy experience there was no pressure to buy, the person we talked to was very knowledgeable. Not to mention we were given HD cable for a year for free with out subscriber and Best Buy has price matching. Overall it was a very pleasant shopping experience and the TV looks great, I didn’t think HD would make that much of a difference.

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  1. Congrats on the new TV. We got our first widescreen HDTV last fall and we LOOOOVE IIIIT!

    A couple tips though –

    1) if you havent opened that very expensive HDMI cable from Best Buy, return it and buy one for $8.00 from http://www.newegg.com. Best Buy makes their money from selling really cheap cables at a HUGE markup – its a total rip off. You can put the savings in your snowflake fund.

    2) once you get your new HDMI cable, get it plugged in! The HDMI cable is necessary to see HD broadcasts in their full glory. If you dont use the HDMI, you’re not getting your money’s worth from your HD service or the TV itself.

    Have fun!

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