Happy Easter Holidays

I hope everyone is enjoying their Easter holidays. By the time you’re reading this I’ll probably be through one or two big dinners enjoying myself immensely. Although I take the time and spend Easter with family this in reality is the one holiday that baffles me. I am a non-religious person, by choice, and for me this is the one holiday that is more of a religious holiday than anything else. I understand its significance for some people but it doesn’t seem like a universal holiday like Christmas or a secular holiday like Labor Day.

Regardless I hope that everyone gets the opportunity to enjoy their time off and has some time to spend it with family. Even if you don’t celebrate the holiday there’s nothing wrong with a good excuse to catch up with family and have some good food.

And if you happen to have family traditions such as Easter egg hunts… don’t hide the chocolate eggs in places that will keep them hidden for years to come. Let that chocolate be eaten!

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