Weekly Review – March 23, 2008

Ever since I started blogging I’ve noticed that a lot of people drop in a post once a week giving an update about the week and some links that caught their attention. I’ve always wanted to do this but whenever it came down to it I forgot about the posts from the week that I wanted to write about. I was thinking about this for the past few days and I think that although the weekly links are a great thing they don’t necessarily need to be there. I want to start writing a weekly review not only including links or what happened in the PF community that week but also to include a ‘Me Report’.

I try to put a little bit of me into every post that I write but any week I might not really say what’s happening with me because it’s not relevant. This will be that forum. This is the miscellaneous stuff that floats around all week from links to short trivia.

This week was a good one since it was a shorter week thanks to our long weekend. Unfortunately that also meant less time to work on a few projects I’ve got going including the updated design for the site. I’ve got the design generally complete I’m just in the process of creating a word press template for it. It’s progressing and it’ll continue to progress after this post is up 🙂

The holidays were nice since we don’t get to see all of our families all that often. Kids grow a lot when you’re not paying attention to them. And for those really curious people yes I got leftovers from all the dinners so I’m set dinner wise for a day or two.

On a complete side note – the state of the economy actually made the dinner table talk this holiday, which was a big surprise. I guess people are more worried about it than I thought.

I had a guest post on Ramit’s blog, I Will Teach You To Be Rich, which was an amazing experience. I’m going to see if I can get a few more guest posts out there it was a lot of fun.

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