Weekly Review – April 6, 2008

This past week was another busy one and a productive one from a work front. I have been making some progress on the sales side of my job while at the same time helping out from the actual work point of view. Unfortunately I ended up out of the office almost as much as I was in it which impacted everything else. It almost seemed like there wasn’t enough hours in the day.

I keep going back to the need to prioritize my time properly so that I can concentrate on the important things. The slight frustration in being able to keep things moving is wearing on me. I have made some progress on the updated look and feel for the site; I spent a bunch of time testing out the template. I’m almost ready to put it up even though there will be things that need to be fixed.

The snowflaking experiment got started this week, I haven’t made and additional snowflaking payments yet but I have kept track of all of my spending this week. I think the food expenses might end up being a bit lower than initially expected. But this might be balanced with an increase in gas spending. I think I’ll have a better idea next week.

Finally there was a fire in our condo building this past week and it really reminded me how sudden our lives can change. A simple accident can alter our lives suddenly forcing us to deal with the repercussions.

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