Weekly Review– April 13, 2008

This past week has been a busy one mostly because of some personal stuff (birthdays and such). This didn’t leave me with as much time as I would have liked for keeping up to date with this site or any other side project. But I did manage to find a little time to finalize the new design. Rather than keep tweaking it to make everything perfect I’ve put it online and you can all see it now.

What do you all think of the design? Are there any issues that anyone can see? I know there are a few small tweaks that I’ll be putting into place to get everything just right but overall I’m pretty happy with it. Now its time to go back to concentrating on the writing and staying current with some of the sites I like to read.

In other news we’ve started the process of looking at another house – the market is pretty good for us right now. I expect the process will take some time to get what we want within our price range. My wife and I are taking this process slowly and I’ll write more about it in the next little while as things start to firm up a bit.

I’m looking forward to hearing some feedback about the site, I put a fair bit of effort to get it up and did everything myself.

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