Weekly Review – April 20, 2008

This past week was another incredibly busy one – our house
hunt continued which also meant that we’re starting to clean our place for sale
if we find a house we like. I’ve come up with a few observations about the
whole process: first off people can be real slobs. There were a couple places
that we went into that were not only untidy but they were down right filthy. To
top this off a lot of people seemed to not care about their homes. I
understand that you can get used to some things being broken but some of the
things I’m seeing are scary. Another thing I noticed in a couple of these
houses was the shoddy work of a general contractor. It was an obvious move to
hide other flaws and was just done poorly. If you’re going to do something do
it right or don’t do it at all.

I’m not a neat freak by any stretch of the imagination but I do keep things
relatively tidy and organized. Since we are likely to find a place that we like
soon enough we will need to sell our existing one. This unfortunately means
cleaning and purging which I have been trying to do for a while with little
success. This has forced this to happen and has kept me practically off the
computer all week. The initial cleaning is done, now as long as the real estate
agent doesn’t suggest painting the walls I should be back to having some spare

Other than the house hunt everything was pretty status quo this week. In
general everything has been good but busy.

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