We Sold our Condo

Over the past couple weeks things on my end have been very crazy and hectic; not only was there a great deal of work that I had to do but I’m also slowly plugging away on a couple projects that I wanted to complete. The projects are still moving forward but everything unessential was effectively placed on hold while we bought a new house and sold our condo.

The great news is we sold our condo last night! All of the cleaning and preparation to ensure that the unit was in prime selling condition paid off. We didn’t get quite our asking price but what we got was better: we got an offer without any conditions! Now its up to the lawyers and banks to get all of the details in place. But all of the major hurdles have been completed.

This has been a very new experience for me in that I have never purchased or sold a house successfully. It was a stressful event since we were buying and selling what will be our home. This wasn’t an investment or a recreational property. We needed to take everything into account including all of the repairs and upgrades that will be going into our new home.

I’m glad that this process is effectively over and we can move onto the packing and preparing for the move. There is still a lot of work that needs to be done but we don’t need to do this on a crunched time line. Our lives can go back to a more normal pace and we can go back to some of our regular routines. This also means that I’ll have more time to put into this blog and a couple other projects that I have going!

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