How to Save on your Gas Costs

Since the price of crude oil and gasoline have been going up drastically the topic of saving on your gas costs has been common on many blogs. We love our cars and the bigger they come the better regardless of how much gas they guzzle. I wanted to jump into this general conversation with my tip to save on gas.

If the price of gas has gone up just don’t buy as much of it. Simply use less of it! I know the tip is very simplistic but I think it would be ideally exemplified with an analogy. We all wear clothes that get dirty which we wash with washing machines (well most of us do) and this activity requires a type of fuel of sorts (detergent). I think it’s is a perfect analogy for my saving tip.

We have grown accustomed to using our washing machines just like our cars and we’ve gotten to essentially need them. We need to have clean clothes. Just like with the car there are other alternatives to get our clothes clean that are far less expensive than owning a washer and dryer that we don’t use for the sake of convenience.

Now assume that all of the detergent makers decided to raise the price of detergent by 3 or 4 times what we pay now. So rather than paying say $7.50 for a pack of detergent the price was suddenly $30. We would instantly notice but we might still pay. For the sake of argument let’s say this went up 40 times (my logic is we drive and use our cars at least 10 times more than our washing machines). The price of that same pack of detergent would now be $300. How many of us would still continue to buy the premium brands? And just to make this analogy completely outrageous let’s just say that the washing machine was costing you $350 per month in financing costs and you were required to have insurance on your dryer of another $150 per month. Doing laundry would all of a sudden cost us $800 per month.

At this point how many of us out there would consider the alternatives? Probably all of us. We have alternatives when it comes to cars as well. We can drive less and not buy fuel or gas guzzling cars. We are in a situation where we are reliant on an incredibly expensive means of transportation when alternatives exist. I know this is a bit more of a challenge for some people and in some circumstances but walking, biking, transit and car pooling would probably be accessible to most people in some way.

The way to save on gas is to not buy it; we need to either improve the mode of transportation or find an alternative means. Cars have been around for about a 100 years and in that time we’ve come to rely on them so much that people are convinced they cannot live without them. I like most bloggers have a car that I drive to work for convenience, thankfully it’s pretty close and I’m saving time by driving which is my logic for continuing this. But if the price of gas were to go up another say 2 times I would start taking transit. I know there are alternatives and I would use them.

The question I’ll leave you with is at what point would you stop buying gas? What would the price need to hit before you couldn’t justify the cost?

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