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You’ve been hearing stories about people taking advantage of credit card rewards and getting cash back or flying around the world for free and you want to join them. Chances are the moment you start looking around you’ll do exactly what I did: give up! There are so many different cards out there that trying to find one to fit your needs can be a challenge. An easy way to sift through all of this information is just what helps you with.

I was approached to review this site and since I’m naturally hesitant to put my name behind a review unless I agree with it, I took a look at the site and I was impressed. This site is massive wealth of information about many of the rewards credit cards out there. Unfortunately to my chagrin they only seem to cover American based cards (too bad for the rest of us). The site broke down cards by reward types from Travel miles all the way to the World Series of Poker card. The best part is that every card has a review and detailed information about the offerings and an easy way to compare cards (not just one bank’s cards).

As I was browsing around the site not only did I find details about the credit cards and their rewards programs I also found a multitude of additional information. The credit card industry is littered with acronyms and terms that don’t make sense to a lot of people, helps the consumer out by explaining some of these terms and really helps make sense of the jungle of cards out there. I was relieved to see this information because too often it’s put into the background and only available if you really search for it.

In conclusion I’m very glad I didn’t dismiss this request for a review, has a lot of interesting and useful information on it. For me the only drawback is that I can’t use it to help me pick a rewards card because I’m a Canadian. If you are considering changing credit cards to take advantage of rewards this site might be a good starting point for your investigation.

Please note: this is a paid review but I was genuinely impressed with what was being offered.

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