I discovered today by coincidence that my site had been hacked. Someone put in code to place a bunch of invisible links in my footer file. I have fixed the problem but its very frustrating to see something like that on one of my sites. It also explains the fact that this site has been penalized by Google and given a PR of 0 (which I noticed on Friday).

I wanted to apologize to my readers, especially if any of you have noticed this. This type of malicious behavior is very frustrating and so pointless since it probably didn’t drive any traffic to whoever was doing this.

2 thoughts on “Hacked!”

  1. Hackers aren’t really looking for the traffic. Their mainly playing a game. Most of them actually keep a score, and some even have a game board and roll dice. Seriously, they think it’s a game.

    All in all, we just have to keep our websites up to date more. Sorry for the hassle you went through…..

  2. Oh, that’s scary. I wonder how they can do something like that! I have had contact forms used for sending out spam, but have never had a website coded by someone who broke into my website.

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