5 Reasons I Admire Successful People

Successful people are an inspiration to many and a source of jealousy to many more. For every success story that we hear we often forget that there are countless others that didn’t accomplish anything. Most of us know who Bill Gates, Stephen Spielberg, and Warren Buffet are based on their immense success not the tens of thousands that failed or worse never tried. I admire these people for 5 main reasons:

  1. They prove it can be done
  2. They show perseverance
  3. They show ingenuity
  4. They make great case studies
  5. They overcome adversity

They prove it can be done.
For me the most important of the 5 points I mention is the fact that these incredibly successful people prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that it can be done. Whatever our goals maybe we can reach them. On the days that my finances and projects frustrate me I need to stop and think about a successful person. There are a lot of successful people out there and they all show that my goals can be achieved as well. Regardless of what they themselves accomplished by sticking with it I too can achieve my goals, whatever they may be. They also show me that I don’t need to dream small – I can aim as high as I want. Knowing that people before you have achieved great things can be incredibly inspiring when you’re starting your own journey.

They show perseverance.
The very first step in tackling a goal is starting; unfortunately it’s only the first step after which we realize just how many steps there are to accomplish our goal. Successful people don’t let the size of a project daunt them. They simply keep going. Do you think that we’d be hearing about Warren Buffet today if he decided to take it easy when he made 1 million or even 100 million? I seriously doubt it. These people have a complete and utter devotion to their passions. This perseverance also shows me that although I might not have a burning passion for something the way they do but that type of passion does exist in our world and I’ll find mine. Finally their perseverance reminds me just how much can be accomplished if you pour your heart, brains and effort into something.

They show ingenuity.
Another great point about incredibly successful people is that they don’t stop. This isn’t just their passion for whatever tasks they have but the fact that they don’t let problems or setbacks stop them. Thomas Edison tried thousands of times before he made the light bulb work. He tried different combinations many of which probably seemed very odd to people. Successful people aren’t afraid to try new things and go around the conventional wisdom to get to their goals. They use ingenuity to solve the problems that they encounter on route to their goals.

They make great case studies.
Before you laugh this isn’t a plug for a school assignment or anything of the sort. I personally learn by trying and doing, but before I attempt something I like to see what others before me have done so I can learn from their efforts (and often their mistakes). Highly successful people make a lot of mistakes before they finally get to their goals and again most people don’t hear about these stories only their successes. When Edison succeeded in making the light bulb, the one that worked got all the praise and the thousands before simply fell away as unimportant. Learning from others mistakes can help guide us down the routes to our own success even if we learn how to avoid a potential problem.

They overcome adversity.
Adversity is all around us each and every day of our lives. For the most part these are small problems that we don’t remember an hour later and we learn to handle these problems. When the adversity becomes larger most of us simply follow down the path of least resistance and never challenge the adversity. Successful people decide that adversity is something to be challenged and they adapt themselves to the situation. A perfect example of this is the story of Apple. We all know this company for their iPods and computers, but the reality is that this company was struggling before Steve Jobs brought the company back and now their products are common in most North American households.

Successful people inspire me; they show me the bright light when things are not looking as good as I would like them. I’ve used examples of incredibly successful people in this post but it’s not meant for only them. All successful people show these traits even if they’re not necessarily financial in nature.

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