Absentmindedness cost me my Budget

I managed to blow my budget and the contest only two days into to the week. The worst part is that it was nothing to do with unplanned spending or splurging. Yesterday on my way home from work I was in the mood for a beer so I stopped at the store and decided to buy a case for the rest of the week. I found one I liked and checked the price, $24, thinking I was going to be within my budget I was happy to make the purchase.

Unfortunately my brain decided to go on vacation because I hadn’t budgeted $25 like I thought in the store (and I had done last week), I only budgeted $20. So as a result of my absentmindedness my budget for the week has been blown. The worst part is had I remembered what I budgeted accurately I would have bought a smaller case.

Its official: On Monday, June 9th I’m going to announce the winner of this week’s gift certificate giveaway. Maybe next week I’ll remember what I budget on items.

10 thoughts on “Absentmindedness cost me my Budget”

  1. The overall spending will be reduced but I was hoping to keep each category separate because of trouble I find I have in some of the categories. Once I have more control over my own spending habits I was planning on switching to a more general weekly and monthly budget.

    Initially though I want to instill the habit of spending less and regaining control over all aspects of my budgeting.

  2. Oops! Sorry to hear it but agree your budget isn’t blown if you can save the overrun by pinching from another category before the end of the week.

  3. Well I think categories are good (I have them too) but while you’ve blown the contest missing one category doesn’t have to mean you’ve blown the budget. If that makes any sense…

  4. Bluntmoney – Yes that does make sense the whole budget isn’t gone but the contest is. I guess its time to reset and start fresh on Monday.

  5. Do you have a PDA or can you keep a copy of your weekly budget with you at all times? I got tired of forgetting all the coupons I was clipping when I went to the store, so I started keeping my money in my coupon organizer. It does help to remember to use them. Maybe if a copy of your budget was with you, then you could remember it better?

  6. Whoops! I’m a post-it user myself, so if I’m likely to forget money-related things (like which cc to use for what purchases) I’ll post it my ccs. 🙂

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  8. In preparation for my own budget I’ve started jotting every little thing down that I buy. Do you do the same thing? Maybe try it for a pay period and see where that leads you. You may be able to deduct from and add too categories that you’re just not spending the allotted amounts in.

  9. What a bummer!! I’m sorry, and I wish you better luck this new week!! Hang in there because I need you to inspire me to stop spending money I don’t have! 🙂


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