Weekly Budget – Week 3 (June 9 – 15)

Now that I’m into the third week of weekly budgeting I’m starting to see benefits to the process even though my results may not be showing this yet. Being a lot more conscious of my spending has been a paradigm shift of sorts for me. I no longer look at my day to day purchases without thinking about how that purchase is going to impact my budget. This week I expect some of the positive results to show through, here are my numbers for this week:

Weekly Budget
June 9 – 15
  Budget Actual
Alcohol $25.00  
Food-Lunch $10.00  
Food $80.00  
Gas $35.00  
Entertainment $40.00  
Smokes $25.00  
Misc $40.00  
Transportation $10.00  
Total $265.00  

The numbers above are considerably lower in some categories and this is because this week’s food budget went up a lot. On Saturday we went to Costco and purchased a bunch of stuff for the coming week. The impact this is going to have is considerably less spending when it comes to food and lunches (I have no excuse to eat out). I bumped the alcohol spending up by $5 because that covers a case of beer which lasts me a week without any problems. Transportation goes back down this week because parking has been paid for the month. Overall this is a significant drop from last week but I have the utmost confidence in making these numbers.

Contest Update

I missed last week’s budget and tomorrow I’ll be announcing the winner of the $25 Amazon gift certificate. I did want to make one change (or clarification) for the overall contest. Those of you who commented on the original contest announcement will be eligible for this week’s (and all weeks). By leaving a comment on this post you’ll get another entry into the contest. Hopefully this week I won’t be giving away another $25.

Leave a comment for an extra chance to win!

16 thoughts on “Weekly Budget – Week 3 (June 9 – 15)”

  1. Aw, I’m sorry you didn’t make you’re budget =( I’m a first year uni student, so I have a budget too! I live in a hall so all my food and everything is taken care of, and my parents send me stuff too sometimes. =) I have to budget the $30 a week I get, but it isn’t too bad! But it is always really tempting when I see a really good book or DVD I want to buy! Anyhoo, I reckon this contest is awesome, and I hope you have better luck with your budget next week! =D

    ~Lucy D =)

  2. Sorry you didn’t meet last week’s budget. Hopefully, you’ll have better luck this week.

  3. What a great incentive. I would like to be entered, but hope the progress you made the past few weeks has you on track this on.

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