Week 2 Budget Assessment

I missed last weeks budget by a fair bit and unfortunately for me I also missed meeting my contest goal (that announcement will be coming this evening). Although the numbers paint a story of overspending it wasn’t nearly that bad. The reason that the overall budget was missed was because we went shopping at Costco. We ended up buying a lot of food for this week which means that I won’t be spending as much this week. Here’s a look at last week’s numbers:

Weekly Budget
June 2 – 8
  Budget Actual
Alcohol $20.00 $24.00
Food-Lunch $20.00 $25.14
Food $120.00 $189.42
Gas $35.00 $35.00
Entertainment $50.00 $60.00
Smokes $25.00 $32.74
Misc $40.00 $39.99
Transportation $125.00 $115.00

I was a little disappointed when I overspent in the alcohol department but the reality is I only bought a case of beer and overspent by a whole $4 which isn’t that bad. I was also a little disappointed with myself when it came to eating out for lunch – I have no excuse I simply got lazy. As I write this I’m already doing better this week since I have all of my lunch food for the week ready to go. Ah the wonders of canned food.

Overall I was quite happy with then result because I know had I not stocked up at Costco I would have been under budget by a fair margin. I am really looking forward to this upcoming week as a real test of my ability to stay within my budget.

3 thoughts on “Week 2 Budget Assessment”

  1. Did you decide to shuffle things within categories to see if you stayed in budget overall? Or will you do that when you hit the end of the challenge?

  2. I was planning on keeping this on a weekly schedule but doing an overall assessment at the end is a good idea. I think the weekly progression will show improvement (and hopefully the overall one will be within budget too)

  3. I had thought about hitting the Sams club and stocking up on things as well. I figured that a little going overboard in one place like that would really pay off when it comes to keeping things sound for lunches and such. Looks like my idea wasn’t too far fetched!

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