Completed Move

Moving is one of those tasks that really makes you realize just how much stuff you’ve managed to collect over the years. Our move into our new house is now finally complete though the work is very very far from being completed. We managed to throw out a great deal of stuff prior to the move and even then when it came time for the move the amount of stuff was still overwhelming.

Aside from the insane property management company at our old condo complex everything went smoothly with only one piece of furniture getting damaged. All in all I have to say I’m quite happy with the results. I think the new place will be a very good one for a few years at least. Hopefully the financial situation will be better next time around so we can hire movers (I think I’m going to be sore for a while thanks to this move).

Regular posting should now return as should – assuming that internet is set up.

2 thoughts on “Completed Move”

  1. I’m sure that was a *lovely* workout. 🙂 Perhaps you need to have a moving party next time, and have a crowd of friends help out in exchange for a meal?

  2. Normally I would have done just that but we were in a situation where we needed to move on a Thursday during the day. I did get a couple people to help but they needed to take days off to do so.

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