Do you complain about your problems?

The funny thing is that the real answer to that question is yes, we all complain about our problems at one point or another. That doesn’t make us bad people nor does it mean we aren’t good in some way. The real key is what we do after we realize that the problem exists. Do you complain about it or do you do something about it?

Complaining doesn’t get you anything and it doesn’t even help you feel any better. I have noticed lately that I have been complaining a lot more about my monetary situation. The truth is it sucks. I have tried to tighten my belt but it has only worked so far the reality is that I don’t make enough money to cover my bills let alone my all of my expenses. I would have been able to float along in this situation for a few more months before it started having a very negative impact on my life.

Yes I complained about it, I am human, but complaining doesn’t help me at all. I have started controlling my spending more than I ever have which makes for a good starting point but it won’t be enough. Now it’s time to change the scenario before any damage is done. I have started looking for other work which will pay me more. This won’t be a complete fix for my financial situation but it will prevent me from slowly slipping any further.

Some of you might ask: why did it ever get to this point? The truth of the matter is I like the job I’m at unfortunately the financial setup which made sense at the time no longer does and I spent some time trying to delude myself that it did. The problem has been identified and will now be fixed (hopefully without too much pain). When I started this blog I was making $75,000 per year and right now I’m blow half of that so a different job will have an impact.

I have also been looking at the role that my own personal fears have had in getting into this situation. Fear of change, fear of confrontation, fear of the unknown. They’ve all played a part in this and I think its time to finally address all of these ghosts. Ten years ago I wasn’t afraid of my actions I was just financially stupid – now fear controls more than it ever should. I want to write more about these fears later since I think a lot of people get into situations where their fears end up controlling them.

Step 1 – Stop complaining
Step 2 – Identify the problem
Step 3 – Take steps to fix the problem.

I’ll keep you all posted on the progress; in the meantime cutting costs will continue as will most activities that can improve the situation (alas the new Porsche will have to wait).

2 thoughts on “Do you complain about your problems?”

  1. Oh, definitely a complainer here. Every so often, I realize that I’ve just been complaining way too much in contrast to the amount of changes I’ve implemented to resolve the problem, so I get my butt in gear.

    And once in a long while, someone will tell me to CHANGE the situation (like the job), and it’ll take a long while but it’ll eventually sink in.

  2. At least you get your but in gear – a lot of people (and I occasionally fall into this too) don’t realize that they’re complaining.

    As long as it sinks in you’re still ok – if it didn’t then there would be an issue. Changing the problem is often hard but acknowledging the problem for some reason can be even harder.

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