Week 7 Budget Assessment

This is the first week that I’ve managed to stay under budget for the week. I’m very happy about this even though I might not have hit my targets in each category. I know that when it comes to the weekly budgets there will be some give and take in each category but as long as my overall budget is met for the week than I’ve been successful. Below are my budget numbers for the past week:

Weekly Budget
July 7-13
  Budget Actual
Alcohol $25.00 $32.50
Food-Lunch $25.00 $39.68
Food $100.00 $35.72
Gas $80.00 $127.63
Entertainment $0.00 $0.00
Smokes $30.00 $33.69
Misc $50.00 $56.00
Transportation $25.00 $0.00
Total $335.00 $325.22

I managed to spend considerably less in the food category which is really what brought be under budget. My better half took care of a significant portion of the food this past week but I think this will start to go back to normal where I spend more than I have been. I ended up spending a fair bit more when it comes to gas but thankfully I’ll be getting some reimbursement money for this.

I’ve gotten comments in the past about spending a lot on smokes, unfortunately they’re very expensive where I live and I’m still trying to find the right amount to budget for them. I’m also starting to think about setting a quit date towards the end of the summer. I did want to bring the alcohol spending down first which I’m fairly happy with since I’m spending considerably less than I was in the past. Once I’m happy that this is completely under control the next vice to tackle will be the smoking. If I can virtually eliminate these two line items I’ll really bring my budget into line and I might start making some headway with my overall finances. I’m looking forward to this. I have also made some movements to bringing in more money, hopefully everything goes according to plan and I’ll be where I need to be.

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  1. Yeah those numbers can be frustratingly squiggly. I’ve been doing better the past couple weeks on the financial front but a lot worse on the posting front 🙁

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