Weekly Budget – Week 9 (July 21-27)

This week is actually going to be very similar to last week when it comes to the spending. I think I’ve managed to find myself a bit of a groove when it comes to the spending. I believe that I still need to refine the numbers a bit. I now have a good understanding of how I spend my money and where its going from week to week. Here are this week’s budget numbers:

Weekly Budget
July 21-27
Budget Actual
Alcohol $20.00
Food-Lunch $15.00
Food $80.00
Gas $65.00
Entertainment $0.00
Smokes $30.00
Misc $50.00
Transportation $25.00
Total $285.00

For example a few changes this week include lowering the eating out budget since I know I’ll be bringing my lunch or eating at home. I do plan on having lunch out once or twice just to break the monotony which is why the amount is at $15. I’ve also been making a more concerted effort to reduce my drinking even further and the $20 will more than cover me this week (though we do have guests coming on the weekend).

The only real change for this week is that I’m expecting to fill the car up with gas – this is mostly because gas is a bit cheaper and I’m expecting a bit of driving this week and a bit next week. This amount will also ensure that I don’t need to fill up next week.

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