Weekly Budget – Week 10 (July 28-Aug 3)

Over the past couple weeks I’ve actually managed to stay very close or under my overall budgetary goals, even if I might have missed the individual sections. Last week was no different and I expect that this week won’t be much different either. There is a certain fluidity to this whole planning process but as long as the total weekly amount is met then the budget has been successful. Here are my budget numbers for the upcoming week:

Weekly Budget
July 28-Aug 3
Budget Actual
Alcohol $20.00
Food-Lunch $0.00
Food $80.00
Gas $40.00
Entertainment $0.00
Smokes $30.00
Misc $50.00
Transportation $25.00
Total $245.00

The primary difference in this week’s budget is the fact that I’ve cut out monies for eating lunch out. I’ve always known that I spend way too much money on this (as I do on the smoking) and I’m going to make a serious effort to not eat out at all this week. Other than that the remainder of the numbers are pretty similar. I was planning on cutting the alcohol budget as well since we had guests this weekend and I purchased a bunch of extra wine that never got drank. But I’m going to simply use this amount as a buffer for just in case.

There is one rather large unknown when it comes to this budget, this upcoming weekend is a long weekend for us and there is a possibility we might go away to our friend’s cottage. Unfortunately we don’t know if this will in fact happen. This would have an impact to the weekly budget but for the time being I’m going to go with the assumption that it won’t be happening since the numbers are known this way.

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