It’s Called Work for a Reason – A site update

Work is something most of us say happens between the hours of 9 and 5 and although that’s when most of us make our money that’s not the only time work needs to be done. I’ve been somewhat absent on the blog recently because we moved into a new house and there was a small mountain of work that came with it. Effectively I ended up with two work periods, the one that occurred at the office and the one that occurred at home. Unfortunately when it comes to work it isn’t necessarily something that you enjoy but something that needs to be done.

This was the case for me and I’ve gotten into the habit of doing the work at hand rather than what distracts me, I go to the office to work and I get paid to do this. Granted I’m not paid nearly as much as I would like to receive I am still paid to do my job. Larry Winget’s book It’s called work for a reason really pointed it out for me. If you’re doing something and getting paid for it you should do the job and not a dozen other things that you shouldn’t be doing. Unfortunately when work around the house comes into play I’m not paid but the work still needs to be done (painting ceilings I have learnt is a task I particularly dislike).

The nice thing is that I am almost done the main thrust of the house work. Only the baby room needs to be painted before the little ones arrival and the basement needs some fixing. Overall I’m hoping that I can get back into a routine of posting shortly. I’ve enjoyed having the extra house work to do but the novelty behind it is now starting to wear on me. I’ve set aside more pleasurable activities such as this site to get the work done and it’s time to bring some of them back into my life.

There are times when work takes priority but you shouldn’t forget the other parts of our lives. Workaholics end up doing nothing but working and I believe that is a unfulfilling way to live (at least for me). Having my interests and hobbies (such as this site) really enhances my life and I miss them when they are gone. But work is work and sometimes it just needs to be done.

Here are a couple things to look out for next week: a final assessment of my contest series and my thoughts on weekly budgeting and how its really helped me put perspective to my finances (as well as the usual weekly budget posts). Thanks to all my regular readers for sticking around and for participating in the contest I ran in June.

One thought on “It’s Called Work for a Reason – A site update”

  1. Definitely. I have to admit that I enjoy my work most of the time, but sometimes my brain is just in another place. I also consider blogging work, but it’s personal work that I choose to do, so it’s a different obligation.
    It’s a constant balancing act, I think, because if it’s not you end up too far on one or the other end of the spectrum. That’s not healthy either.

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