Weekly Budget – Week 11 (Aug 4 – 10)

This week is going to be a bit of an expensive week for me, it’s the first budget of the month and that means that i have to pay for a bunch of parking fees. It just goes to remind me just how expensive it is to maintain a car. Other than the parking costs this week will be fairly the same as the past few weeks. This week’s budget:

Weekly Budget
Aug 4-10
Budget Actual
Alcohol $25.00
Food-Lunch $15.00
Food $100.00
Gas $0.00
Entertainment $0.00
Smokes $30.00
Misc $50.00
Transportation $190.00
Total $410.00

I am going to attempt bringing my lunch all week but I’ve set aside some funds for eating out for lunch just in case. Without the additional parking costs this week’s budget would have been closer to $220 rather than the $410 that is being budgeted.

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