Weekly Budget – Week 15 (Sept 1-7)

This is my 15th week of running a weekly budget and although I’m still missing my estimates a fair amount of the time I am getting far better at predicting costs and knowing what to expect. I know when to expect fluctuations in the revolving categories and I’m happy with my progress. I think I should have run my month long contest now rather than when I first started since I think I would actually succeed now. Here is this week’s budget:

Weekly Budget
Sept 1-7
  Budget Actual
Alcohol $25.00  
Food-Lunch $20.00  
Food $80.00  
Gas $45.00  
Entertainment $0.00  
Smokes $25.00  
Misc $40.00  
Transportation $325.00  
Stupid $0.00  
Total $560.00  

Transportation – This week’s transportation costs are extremely high in comparison because I’m replacing the cracked windshield in m y car. It happened last winter and I need to make sure that it’s in place before the baby arrives; nothing glamorous just expensive.

Other than transportation a couple categories are a little higher I’m expecting a bit more driving around this week which is why I’ve put a bit more money in for gas. I’m also adjusting to a new schedule in the morning and it’s been hard getting myself into gear to make lunch so I’ve upped the amount I’m including for lunch spending this week.

Overall this budget is pretty similar to the past few with a few categories being a bit higher. I am really looking forward till all of the car expenses are taken care of. I am going to try keeping the right box updated on a daily basis though it’s a matter of getting into the habit of doing so daily.

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