Reflecting on Goals

From a young age we’re taught to set goals for ourselves and when we grow up these goals become larger and more important. Some of us start using goals later in life than others and really some of us just never get the hang of it. Personally I like using goals to set targets for myself but they don’t always work out. My projects and goals can from time to time go into limbo.

Every now and then I like to stop and reflect on my goals and projects and as it turns out i don’t think I’ve done this for a little while. This weekend I’m planning on taking a bit of a step back to look over my goals and in particular my finances and my financial goals. I’ve been coming up with weekly budgets for a while now and I think I’ve got a sense of what’s happening. I know there are some changes that need to be made but without taking that step back and look at the direction I’m going then I might keep plugging away in the wrong direction.

I’ve always struggled with goals mostly because its easy to come up with them but the follow through can be a bit more difficult. I want to make sure I actually meet my goals and projects rather than doing a lot of work and talking about them but not accomplishing very much. This weekend will be about introspection so that I can see where I’m at and to pull back to make sure that I’m able to do all the things I want to do. I’ve been interchanging goals and projects in this post because they’re often tied very directly but they can be different. I think its time to really figure out where I’m at and where I want to go.

Without perspective goals and projects can become lost.

One thought on “Reflecting on Goals”

  1. This was a great post! Goals are so important, but it is interesting how we all use them in our own ways. I wanted to offer your readers a link to another blogger who is doing great work. He writes about our ‘childhood money messages’ and how the best approach to stability in today’s market is to resist letting these emotions control our buying/selling habits. It is really fascinating work, and something you should all check out. His name is Spencer Sherman, and you can view his blog at

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