A Brief Hiatus

Every now and then we all need to take some time to pause and reconnect with ourselves. This past week I’ve been doing just that. Last weekend I posted that I was in an introspective mood and that I was going to take the weekend to figure things out. Well its turned into a full week already and I’m still figuring things out.

I decided that I wasn’t ready to just randomly start posting again in the middle of the week I was still trying to figure a few things out. The reality is that I’m still in that headspace but this blog did afford me something unique. There are no gray areas when it comes to this site I enjoy it and although I didn’t have any set goals there were some underlying ones such as write posts and try growing the site.

So for me to continue a hiatus for this site would be rather pointless. I know I want to write on this site and I’m going to continue this. I’m still thinking about a lot of my goals and trying to get a perspective on where I am and where I am going. As I was going through my roles I did find a few of them that were clear and the goals were obvious. For the next couple weeks my goals for this site are going to be very simple: write.

As for the other goals in my life as soon as I’ve managed to get a handle on them I’ll post a few of them up here. One of the things I found interesting about this exercise is just how many of our roles are interrelated and linked somehow. Tomorrow I’ll post up my weekly budget.

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