Paradigm Shift

A paradigm shift is a significant change in a way thinking.

Having become a father last week I feel that I have crossed over an imaginary line in the sand. Maybe my thinking is influenced by a slight lack of sleep but having this little one has really put a lot of things into perspective. Knowing what is important has always been a matter that was more academic or theoretical.

Seeing my baby girl has changed this dramatically rather than thinking and knowing what needs to be done I now have a very strong driving reason to actually make get things done. Its interesting seeing this change because I have been thinking about find my passions and the biggest point that has surfaced in my mind is a lack of focus and direction as well as follow through.

Being responsible for a new life is a very profound experience. There is no longer an option for pondering but actions need to be taken. This is the main item in my paradigm shift that has taken place before I was overly complacent and nothing was truly important. Now with the baby making sure that she has everything she needs takes priority and actions simply need to be taken; no more dwelling.

The effort to accomplish a task before has been an academic one where there were no really significant repercussions from the actions other than lost opportunities. When it comes to feeding and taking care of a child there is no such thing as a lost opportunity – they have be taken care of to live. I think I knew this before but seeing it in flesh and blood is the difference.

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