Odds and Ends

A me update

I sit here writing this post with a month old baby sleeping against my chest. Her breath is quick and she is so reliant on me and my wife for maintaining her life. The past couple of weeks have been difficult, fatigue and uncertainty have really taken their toll. The baby is by far the most important aspect of my life and she will be for the rest of it. This means that the rest of my life needs to start coming together. I’ve been thinking about my finances, my working life and my happiness in general and honestly a large portion of my life is uncertain. I have my wife’s support and help but the unknowns are things that will need to be resolved. This will be a process that I’m sure will take time but it’s been a while since I was certain about things such as my work and my finances. I lost my self confidences and assertiveness and I happily live in complacency when I shouldn’t. I would like to have these back and the uncertainty removed.  Stay tuned I’ll post my results and thoughts.

Carnival of Personal Finance – my post about how I budget was included in last week’s carnival hosted by Sun’s Financial Diary

3 thoughts on “Odds and Ends”

  1. Isn’t a new baby simply amazing? Knowing that you’re responsible for her is the best motivation anyone can have, I think. Best of luck figuring things out, I can highly empathize with the downturn in confidence and corresponding upturn in uncertainty.

  2. Yes she is amazing and a real eye opening, life changing experience. Thank you for the wishes I’m sure I will figure this out – I’ve got the best reason I can think of: my baby girl.

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