Weekly Budget – Week 25 (November 10-16)

I missed writing a budget last week and I’m sure had I written one I would have missed it by a lot. Last week was an expensive one and part of this is adjusting for the fact I’m paying for more of the regular expenses such as food while my wife is on maternity leave. Unfortunately another part of it is the fact that I simply spent too much money on things that aren’t all that important in the grand scheme of things like alcohol and smokes.

This week I need to put my budget in writing again and start tracking it closely for the next few weeks. The biggest reason for this is to get a handle on my finances again and to start getting a good sense of how much I’m actually spending. One of my last posts was about how I budget and making sure I keep track of everything is how I approach it – this trial and error approach isn’t full proof but it will give me a good sense of where my weekly expenses stand.

Weekly Budget
Nov 10-16
  Budget Actual
Alcohol $40.00  
Food-Lunch $0.00  
Food $125.00  
Gas $50.00  
Entertainment $0.00  
Smokes $30.00  
Misc $50.00  
Transportation $0.00  
Stupid $15.00  
Total $310.00  

The goal for this week will be to keep the expenses down to $310, I believe this is achievable but it I think the amount of money I spend on food might be a bit low. I guess time will tell how this turns out but by putting the budget down in writing is a first step.

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