Weekly Budget – Week 27 (Nov 24-30)

Over the past month I have started to notice that I am short on money from pay to pay and although my wife is helping out with the week to week expenses with money from her maternity leave its not enough. This week will be a bit of a test to see if we can make a generous budget work. The goal for this week will be to spend a grand total of $275:

Weekly Budget
Nov 24-30
  Budget Actual
Alcohol $30.00  
Food-Lunch $0.00  
Food $125.00  
Gas $25.00  
Entertainment $0.00  
Smokes $30.00  
Misc $40.00  
Transportation $15.00  
Stupid $10.00  
Total $275.00  

The goal is to get back on track – the majority of this month I’m going to chalk up to dealing with the unexpected expenses of having a baby. I won’t get into details but the baby was a minor portion of the costs. The rules definitely change when you have a baby. We are starting to find a balance to day to day life although sleep is still a rarity that I’m hoping to get back in the next month or two.

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