The Relief of a New Job

When I first started this blog I was making a very good salary, $75,000 to be specific. Since that time I have had a couple jobs where I made progressively less money with each one. The reason for the first move was great opportunity where I would expand my management experience. I learnt a great deal but it was a very stressful year. I parted ways with that company back at the end of January of this year. At that point I was approached by a company to work for them helping them with business development. For lack of a better term I was responsible for sales. This position was presented to me when I was capable of taking a significant pay cut to gain more experience.

While I enjoyed both of these positions and I learned a great deal there was a significant drawback to these positions and that was money. The first position took me from my $75,000 down to $50,000 which made keeping up with my finances very challenging but I was able to do it. The second position had a starting pay of $30,000 and it was raised to $39,000. At the beginning of the second position I had some extra money to cover any extra expenses. Unfortunately this money quickly vanished and I started running into difficulties in paying my bills and all of this was made more difficult with the move and the baby.

Yesterday I resigned this second position because I was offered a position at $72,500 for a good company doing something I believe that I can do very well. I’m glad that I was able to find this position because my finances were starting to look grim. I am extremely relieved that I got this position and I believe its time for me to bring some stability back to my life. I learnt a lot in the past two years both about my work and myself.

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