New Years Goals

Happy New Years everyone! Its that time of the year where the calendar changes and everyone makes resolutions. I have always joked that my new years resolution is to not make any resolutions. I’ve learned a lot this past year and this year I am going to put some goals into place. Though it doesn’t sound much different than resolutions I am going to try making them measurable and realistic. I’m also going to try keeping their number down. When I started looking at my new years goals a couple days ago the list really started piling up fast and the reality is if I try to take on too many things I’m not going to accomplish as many of them if any at all.

Firework Photo by TallCJ

So this years goals are going to be a bit more modest in an effort to actually achieve them and more measurable to give me something to work towards. The measurable aspect is going to hopefully remove some of the pie in the sky goals such as ‘Be more successful’ which can mean anything. By limiting their number and making them more measurable I hope I’ll be able to overcome a difficulty I have with goals in general which is being too optimistic and trying to tackle the whole goal at once rather than parts at a time.

Over the next couple days I am going to post up my goals in a variety of different categories. As I was looking at my goals everything started to fall into a series of broad categories including:

  • Financial
  • Work
  • Blog
  • Family
  • Personal
  • Projects
  • House

I have goals in each of these categories, some more defined than others and starting tomorrow I’ll break those down and post them up.

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