Work, Home and Project Goals for 2009

The main things that the three topics for these goals have in common for me is the fact that they will take work and they are areas I want to work on this year. The reality is that we’re pulled in a variety of different directions in our lives some by our choosing and some not. Last summer my wife and I bought a house and although it was a great adventure at the time I also knew there would be a great deal of work that I would need to do on the house. This work can be both enjoyable and frustrating at the same time but I have goals here none the less. My goals for these three unrelated and at times demanding areas of my life are:

Work Goals for 2009

I just started a new job and trying to come up with a long list of items that I want to accomplish at this position is hard. I am still in trying to find my footing for how the company works and where exactly I fit in. Although I started the position a month ago there was almost a two week break over the holidays where the company shut down so the reality is I’m still learning more than I am contributing. My goal for this position is to be successful and do what I can to to achieve this end but unfortunately this isn’t a very measurable goal. So rather than coming up with work specific goals I am going to continue getting my footing for a little while longer and my current goal for my working life will be to further my education in my position. I work as a project manager and one of the things that I can definitely do is work on getting some certifications in my field. That is my goal for the initial part of the year, once I have settled in a little more I will come up with more measurable and realistic work goals.

Home Goals for 2009

When we purchased our house last summer we got a great deal because we knew that there were some things that would need to be done with the house. A few of these things got done right away but some were projects for the future. This year we have decided to tackle a couple of these items but focus on one primarily: the kitchen. Right now there are no real measurable elements to this because we’re still planning and the timing will depend on when my wife goes back to work. Other than the kitchen some of the windows need replacing.

Project Goals for 2009

One of the weaknesses that I have identified in myself over time is the fact that I start projects but they never end up going anywhere. What happens is I burst out of the gate with an idea get between 50 and 75% and then things start to stall. Right now I have two ideas for projects and one project that is in the stalled partly done stage. My goal for these projects is to take the one that is in the stalled state and finish it I am giving myself till the end of March to finish it. I believe that this is a more than reasonable amount of time, even considering how little time I have. The other two goals are simply going to have to wait to get off the ground. When I do have some ideas I am going to write them down and set them aside for when I do have some time to tackle them. I have stressed more about that incomplete project than it would take me to finish it so I am going to tackle nothing more until its complete.

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