Weekly Budget – Week 3

The past couple weeks have been incredibly busy but I am making an effort to stay on budget with limited success. My biggest issue is not in budgeting but in actually keeping up with tracking and keeping my stats up to date. This is the biggest issue when it comes to any budge is actually keeping to it.

My goals for this upcoming week are pretty similar to my previous couple weeks. Unfortunately I am starting this weeks budget before I have gone through all of my receipts for last week so I am basing my budget based on a good guess that I used for the first weeks budget. Here is this weeks budget:

Weekly Budget
Jan 19-25
Budget Actual
Alcohol $40.00
Food-Lunch $30.00
Food $75.00
Gas $15.00
Entertainment $0.00
Smokes $30.00
Misc $40.00
Transportation $25.00
Stupid $10.00
Total $265.00

As I finish up going through my receipts I want to post up my results for the first three weeks of the year. Another thing that I wanted to do this year was to separate out the weekly budgets into at section on their own. My goal will be to have this done by the end of this week.

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