Weekly Budget – Week 8

This past week I ended up spending a bit more than I was expecting but part of that was my purchasing groceries in advance for the upcoming week a cost that my wife normally covers. Here is my weekly budget for this week with some adjustments made:

Weekly Budget
Feb 23 – Mar 1
Budget Actual
Alcohol $50.00
Food-Lunch $0.00
Food $50.00
Gas $20.00
Entertainment $0.00
Smokes $40.00
Misc $40.00
Transportation $20.00
Stupid $10.00
Total $230.00

Budgeting weekly has helped me keep an eye on my spending and this past weekend I had a chance to review my actual receipts. My wife and I had divided up some of the spending in that she covered a chunk of the food costs and I covered smokes and any wine we would have in the evenings. I was truly surprised when I realized I had spent over $100 on alcohol this past week. I could have made these purchases smaller by buying cheaper wine or even sticking to bargain priced beer but we were splurging a bit. I have left the budgeted amount for this week $50 knowing I am going to be making a conscious effort to keep this cost down.

I know that this expense is really a luxury and we could do without sharing a bottle of wine in the evenings but we enjoy it and up until now I didn’t see it as a real hindrance. But with the costs being as high as they are and my mental drive to get out of debt it is becoming excessive and unnecessary. I want to balance the lifestyle with the budget and this week we will try keeping the costs down.

Other than the food and alcohol costs everything else is pretty much the same.

One thought on “Weekly Budget – Week 8”

  1. You should include Alcohol and Tobacco (Smokes) under Stupid. Because that’s what they are.

    If you want to be healthy, you will need to let go of booze and tobacco. And you’ll have a lot more money to enjoy your health too.

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