A Short Hiatus – Time to think

Today is March 15th and my last post was more than two weeks ago. The time has flown by and although I wanted to post a couple times I have been increidbly busy and my interest waned a little. I needed a bit of a break which is why I didn’t post. I missed it and I think its time to start posting again.

Taking a short break every now and then can bre really important in putting things back into perspective. It can also be great for getting your thoughts together. Sometimes its necessary to get through a busy period. For me this short break from this blog has been a bit of all of those. I have been really busy at work and with a couple house projects but that aside I could have found the time to write a post or two.

What I did  notice was I needed to recharge my batteries a little and take stock of things. I have been reading a lot more lately and noticing change a great deal more. Whenever I look at this blog it makes me thing about when I started it and how much things have changed since that time. The reality is I could have done a lot more in that time and over this past couple weeks that thought has really been bouncing around in my head.

The thoughs haven’t come to a specific conclusion yet but I think its time to start making some changes and more specifically making some accomplishments. I have been in debt for years and I have tried to use this site to help me out but the reality is I’m still floating along. I have made progress in some aspects but not in others. The lack of definite goals is part of the reason that I have only accomplished what I have and not more. But that clairty can take time to achieve and I think that this short hiatus has helped bring me closer to it.