Refocusing on Finances

Life is a journey that we’re all on; we make decisions that send us down various paths. Sometimes we get incredibly busy with one thing or another and neglect most of the other things in our lives. For example if you’re a workaholic then you might not pay nearly as much attention to your family or your friends as you should. If you keep this up for a long time you will loose touch with your friends and family. Each of the paths that we take is different and unique and there is nothing wrong with being very focused on only one part of our lives.

Remembering to stop and refocus your priorities is important in order keep balance in your life. We have all had times when we became incredibly busy with one aspect of our lives. Sometimes its more than one thing pulling at our attention but you can’t loose sight of the things that aren’t getting attention that are truly important (like family). Recently for me I haven’t been posting on this site and to take it a step further I haven’t been focusing on my money as much as I have in the past. It doesn’t mean that because I was focusing my energies elsewhere that my finances went away.

Did I stop paying my bills when my focus was elsewhere? No – they still got paid. Did I splurge on expenses? No – though I’m sure I spent a bit more than I would have normally. If everything is going alright with one aspect of our lives like money and we pay less attention to them there’s a good chance nothing bad will happen. But there’s an equally good chance that nothing good will happen. I believe that its time for me to pause and refocus on my finances for a little bit.

My wife and I had decided to focus on reducing our debt with minimal success though the debts have creeped down a bit with our payments. By refocusing on my finances I’ll be able to put some effort back into this goal.

So rather than simply saying that I’ll be refocusing my efforts on my finances this weekend I plan to:

  • Review all of my spending for the past couple months
  • Set up a budget for the upcoming week (and post it)
  • Get a lay of the land with my debts and assets
  • Finally see what next steps need to be taken

Stay tuned!

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