Saving Idea – Cut Back Cable

If you live in a major city in North America you can’t go anywhere without seeing a TV showing some news channel or another. In fact seeing TVs for me is such a common sight I almost miss them when they’re not there. Next time you’re waiting in line at the bank or the hair dressers stop for a second are you watching TV while you wait? We’ve become accustomed to having the ‘boob’ tube around us all the time.

To go with all of those TVs are cable channels and specialty packs that cost us money and heaven forbid if you happen to have an HDTV, you need specialty channels for that too. We spend so much time in front of TVs that I think we take it for granted and assume we simply must have cable TV. Having cable costs money and this saving idea is all about that. If you’re reading this and you have cable do you remember how much you pay for cable? I had to think about it for a bit but I came to the conclusion that I’m paying about $70 a month for cable and a bit for the digital cable box.

Times are lean and sometimes the cost of cable can really make or break a budget. But before things get to such dire extremes lets look at the numbers. If you are like me paying about $75 per month for cable ($70 for the cable and $5 for the reciever) or about $900 a year! This amount isn’t a huge sum of money especially if you’re taking advantage of it, but it is a sum of money that you really don’t need to spend. Life exists without cable TV.

What would you do with an extra $900 in your pocket at the end of the year? If you’re looking to save money cut back on your cable! I pay $75 a month for my cable but you might find that you’re paying a lot more than that for something you really don’t use. Put the money to good use: pay some debts, save it or give it to charity. I have been contemplating the idea of cutting cable back recently but my wife and I aren’t there quite yet. I think we will be very soon.

2 thoughts on “Saving Idea – Cut Back Cable”

  1. Funny thing, I was just thinking about this cable thing. While staying at one friend’s apartment, they repeatedly reminded me that they have Showtime and HBO on demand. (Or is that HBO and Showtime on demand? I don’t know.)

    It was nice, once I figured out how to work the darn remote, to have the television on as electronic company during some down afternoons when no one was home and I was lonely, but I can’t imagine paying $40/month for an electronic babysitter. And that’s after they split the bill 4 ways! Forget about an extra $900 a year, they’re wasting $1920 a year. Or I call it wasting because I really don’t consider Cable Plus anything of a necessity. With roommates who *require* such luxuries, it seems you start to save less than expected by sharing housing.

  2. My wife and I made the decision to cut our premium channels and keep basic cable with internet service. We are saving $100 a month and can’t believe we didn’t do it sooner! I watch sports on ESPN via my Xbox 360 and the kids can watch their favorite shows on PBS and Netflix. You can even leverage podcasts to create your own personal network of shows that you can stream to your TV!

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