How I turned 20 minutes into $792

A couple days ago I turned a 20 minute phone call into $792 and all I did was ask my cable company to reduce my rates. My cable company like many of the big telecommunication giants handles my home phone, cell phone, cable and interenet so innevitably I pay them a good chunk of change each month to do this. The plan that I was on was coming up and I was happy with the service they had provided me but I didn’t want to pay any extra.

I called and asked for a deal.

The response was sure thing Matt lets see what we can do for you. After going through each of the services that they offer me I was given discounts on everything dropping my monhtly bill by $66. Not bad for a 20 minute phone call. I know that I could have reduced this bill further by removing certain services completely such as cable and my home phone but I use both and I am not trying to scrimp on everything. In the end I am paying $172 per month for all of the services without any decrease in what I recieve.

Good customer service keeps clients happy.

Because I was given good deals I didn’t need to cancel any part of my package which is the ideal solution. The person that I dealt with on the phone was friendly and was able to approve everything without needing to go to a supervisor. It simply seemed like they knew what they were doing and offered me a great deal. The best part of the whole scenario is I just decreased my expenses and cut my cable bill by 28%.

Ask and you might recieve.

One of the tips a lot of personal finance books recommend when dealing with credit card debt is to ask for a decrease in your interest rate. The worst thing that you can be told is no; the very same thing holds true for other services and products that you pay for. When I called my cable company up they could have said no and I would have been no worse off than I was but they didn’t and I saved myself almost $800. If you don’t ask for something you definitely won’t get it.

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