Saving Idea – Get rid of your Cell Phone

Suggesting that you get rid of your cell phone 10 years ago would have been a good idea! Its scary how quickly change happens sometimes. About 11 years ago I purchased my first cell phone and I was one of the few people I knew that had one. Its not that they were uncommon but they were not as popular as they are today. Last week I posted about cutting back on your cable to save money and cell phones fall into the same category (for the most part). You can drop your cell phone altogether and save yourself a bunch of money.

Personally I would rather have a cell phone than having a home phone so this saving tip is not something I would likely do unless I was really strapped for cash. But that doesn’t mean this is a bad idea; if you don’t use your cell phone very much and you use your home phone all the time why would you continue to pay for both? Cell phone packages can range from the pay as you go variety all the way to the hefty data plans that costs hundredsof dollars a month. Cutting this out can save you loads of money.

If you can’t get rid of your cell phone: cut back!

Cell phone providers give away phones now, expensive phones, just to trap you into one of their long term contracts. I know I have one of those phones that would normally cost a couple hundred dollars if I was to buy it in the store. But you don’t have to get all of the extra packages that they’re offering. Again I hesitate to use a specific example because the costs range so much from place to place but I pay $11 a month for my texting package. This package allows me unlimited texting from my phone. Great idea if I sent a lot of text messages but I don’t! I send maybe 20 messages a month and receive just as many. If I didn’t have the package my text messages would cost me 10 cents. Doing the math without the package I would pay $4 a month for my use instead of the $11 (an instant savings of $7 a month).

If you want to save yourself some money get rid of your cell phone! That $50 or more dollars per month adds up to $600 per year! And if you simply can’t get rid of your phone look at how much you’re paying maybe there are cheaper packages out there (or you can remove those that you don’t use).

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