Saving Idea – Getting Rid of your Home Phone

It seems that everyone has a cell phone now a days and reception is strong and clear in a great many places. This begs the question why do we have home phones? Until recently my wife and I didn’t have a home phone and we only got a land line because my wife was going to be at home with the little one. Since she’s back at work we have gone back to not needing our home phone, yet we haven’t gotten rid of it yet.

If you’re in the same position as us you really don’t need to have both a cell phone and a home phone so why not get rid of the home phone? You can save yourself a bunch of money by doing this. In our case if we were to get rid of the home phone we would save about $40 a month on our monthly expenses if we did. Although this extra $40 per month isn’t a lot it does add up over the course of a year, to a total of $480. If you have a balance of $5,000 on one of your credit cards this is 10% of the total.

Why get rid of the home phone?

The main reason the home phone has become more of a liability than anything else is that you don’t get any benefit from keeping it. A cell phone is equally good and it carries with it the benefit of being portable.

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One thought on “Saving Idea – Getting Rid of your Home Phone”

  1. I got rid of my home phone a couple months ago. It saves me about $30 per month. I have DSL from the phone company as well, and learned from a friend at work you do not need a phone to keep DSL. Of course they do not advertise that a lot.

    At times I do miss the home phone. Plus, my cell phone is actually my work phone, so there are times I hate giving that number out.

    I am thinking of getting some pay as you go cell, or a phone thru MagicJack just to have a “home” phone of some type.

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