Week in Review (July 20-26)

This past week was a bit of a strange week for my wife and I because our baby daughter spent the week with her grandparents at a cottage. Most parents have no problem with the grandparents looking after their child for a week. Many of my favorite summer memories come from weeks spent with my grandparents. There is one difference – I remember these weeks where our daughter is still a baby. It was sad not to have her there and nice to be able to sleep a little. The spending this week was different from most weeks because the food budget was not consumed by grocery bills but by eating out a couple times (mostly because we rarely get a chance). Here are this weeks numbers:

Budget Actual
Alcohol $65.00 $59.29
Food@Office $25.00 $16.73
Food $125.00 $165.09
Gas $75.00 $62.33
Entertainment $50.00 $87.56
Smokes $50.00 $41.06
Misc $0.00 $5.70
Transportation $18.00 $18.00
Stupid $0.00
Bills $140.00 $143.26
Baby $0.00 $38.99
Investment $0.00 $0.00
Total $548.00 $638.01
Updated July 27, 2009 – 10:30 pm

When you look at the bottom line I was over budget and there’s nothing that can change that fact; now the good thing was I was only $90 over budget. Unfortunately I was $90 over budget. But this was a week of spending the way I used, eating out rather than cooking and driving a lot more than I do now. The net result was we spent money where we normally don’t spend money. It was nice for a week to have some fun and eat out but at the same time I forgot just how expensive it was and we just ate out! I can only imagine what it would have been had we gone and ‘partied’ as we did in our twenties.

Now onto the other categories, it seems that I spent less on smokes and drinks than I have in the past couple weeks or at least these were moderately under control which was nice. I did forget to include money for miscellaneous items and I purposely left the baby item empty. While I spent in both areas the misc items were a lot less than they have been which was rather nice.

The net conclusion from this past week? While it was nice to be a little spontaneous I missed my daughter and wouldn’t trade randomly going out to dinner for seeing her smile before at the end of a day of work. And although I do enjoy going out to dinner once in a while I don’t enjoy the prices anymore. I have slowly turned into a practical parent type and I’m glad for for it. Now I just need to become the out of debt practical parent type.

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