The Quiet Financial Blog

Over the past couple months things have really quieted down on the site, I think there’s been a grand total of 2 posts in almost three months. No I haven’t given up on the site though I will admit I really didn’t have much to say for a couple months and it got to the point where I wasn’t even thinking about blogging. In the past couple weeks the thought to jump back on the site and write again has been coming back to mind. Now there won’t be any grand proclamations about what will and won’t happen or how great or badly I’ve been doing.

In some respects things have been great, my daughter turned one at the beginning of the month and she’s been doing awesome. She’s been bringing joy into my life every day since her birth. Yes some days are tougher than others, lets be realistic its parenthood not every day will be perfect. The magic is the fact that when I see her face when I pick her up the smile she gives me and the excitement I get is enough to make it all worth while. Being a parent really has taught me a lot from resposibility to seeing the simplicity and joy in life.

On the financial front things have improved and stayed the same at the same time. Yes I’m still carrying debt (close to three months of quiet isn’t going to erase that much debt), but I have managed to start building my savings. The debt is being maintained and slowly lowered while at the same time I’ve managed to save up a small amount of money (about $1,000). While my successes and general status quo in the financial arena have not been stellar there hasn’t been any regression which is a good sign by itself.

For a while I was torn about the site, I didn’t have anything I wanted to say, and I contemplated shutting it down. But I do like writing about personal finance and my finances. If I can somehow convince one kid or one person not to make the mistakes I made then all the writing would have been a success. So I would like to start writing again, it might take a little while to get topics flowing again but I want to write so I will just like I will continue to make the small steps to improve my financial situation – even a small step in the right direction is a good one.