Busy but still alive!

Every now and then life becomes incredibly busy for each of us, sometimes its expected and sometimes it’s not. For me this year has been incredibly busy and when that happens something is bound to suffer. In my case it has been my writing on this blog; I have been focusing on two things: work and my family. My family always comes first but work has been hectic and it doesn’t look like it’s going to change dramatically any time soon (unless I change something about it).

Needless to say I have been trying to keep some of my goals in mind throughout this busy time and I have managed some success in that my finances are not being forgotten and I am managing to keep at least a few things simple in my life. Unfortunately I have not had much time to myself let alone blog. The net result is I haven’t posted up here for a couple months. I think that February is the first month in the history of this blog that I haven’t written a single post and in many ways this pains me.

With all of that said I am missing my blog and my writing and I wanted to post a quick note up here to let everyone know that I am in fact alive! Despite my lack of posting I do have a few things in mind to write about in the hopefully not too distant future. This includes my new car (and its costs), some balance transfers to take advantage of the incredible interest rates around and well just life in general (having an 18 month old around does put things into perspective).

I promise my next post won’t be in June (at least I sincerely hope not)

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