A New Job!

As I write this spring has arrived and with it the infernal weeds have started their barrage on my lawn (and my lacking gardening skills). Spring is a time of growth and change and for me this spring there is definitely a lot of change. Since I last posted on here I got a new job! I’ve been in the new job for about a week now and I’m very excited. The offer that came along was too good for me to refuse, it was a healthy 20% raise, more vacation and a more senior position. I liked my old job so it was sad to make the change but as I said it was too good to pass up.

The work is already much different from my previous position and I think I’ll really enjoy it here. I think the reality will really sink in when I get my first paycheck; the first one is going to pay down a couple bills (and to see what I’ll net after the government takes their cut); after that there will be a definite increase in savings and paying down debt. I wanted to hop onto the site and pass along the good news!

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