The Crap in our Lives

Have you ever stopped to wonder just how much junk is in our lives? From an overload in information all the way to the junk we collect over time. We have so much of this stuff that it litters our lives to the point of distraction.

Recently we started cleaning for the holidays because we have friends and family coming numerous times in December. A more thorough cleaning was in order and the net result is that the basement is now littered with crap that doesn’t have a home but has been deemed worthy to keep. I’ll be donating a big chunk of this because we no longer need it.

Personally if its not used and not cherished get rid of it!

Seeing all this crap really made me think about how much stuff we accumulate in a very short time; the worst part is we hold on to this stuff. It’s nothing but crap to us! Now it could be a treasure to someone else but as long as we have it; it’s nothing but Crap!

It’s not time for new years resolutions just yet but I’m coming to the realization that this crap has to go and I need to make a distinct effor to keep it out of the house. I’ve been reading Leo Babauta’s blog (Zen habits) for a long time now and I think his lessons have finally sunk in: you really don’t need the stuff!

The scary when you stop and think about it is just how much time and money we spend on this crap.I have gotten to the point in my life that I don’t need gadgets and gizmos anymore (though they can be fun for a bit). I have started giving Christmas lists to people so I don’t get more crap (and they can save some Holiday money that would go to waste otherwise) and after this purge I’ll be doing an even bigger one in the New Year.

Don’t forget if you have stuff that is crap to you, donate it because it could actually have value for someone else – I know I am.

How do you handle all the crap in your life? Does it just pile up or do you get rid of it regularly?

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