Update – Spring Silence

While this is not a very prolific blog like many of those out there; all too often it is because of everything else going on in my life and this latest round of silence was another one of these times. It was a combination of a few things that kept me away from the computer and from posting, while most of these are not exciting there are a few that were. 

In this case I ended up absolutely bogged down with work to the point of working at home 3+ hours each night. Now some of this work does fall into the interesting and exciting camp but at the end of the day it is work. I am expecting things to lighten up starting in April and the goal will be to keep them this way. I don’t mind putting in a bit of extra time at work but working 11 hour days and weekends is a bit much and takes away from family.

The second and more exciting thing was that in February my wife and i started looking at cottages to buy. This was a very long process because by their nature cottages are not a 10 minute drive away. I will post about this in a separate entrybut the net result is that we were able to find a cottage and we take possession in May.

Finally, and most recently, I’ve been dealing with a few health issues – probably related to working myself too hard for the better part of the last year. I’m OK and the issues were minor but they did illustrate to me the fact that health has to come first which it hasn’t. Again I will post about this separately.

Overall its just been a very busy couple months and I’m looking forward to some down time which will start to happen with the cottage and some planning on the work front. Stay tuned – I’ve got lots of stuff to share now.

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