A quick update – Months of Silence

Every so often I take a look at this site because I feel a pang of guilt that I haven’t written on here in so long but life has been so busy lately that I just haven’t had much opportunity. The reality is that I let work take over too much of my life recently and between everything going on I just haven’t had much time for myself in general. Now I wanted to clear up something and that is I have not given up on this site, I refuse to let it quietly become one of the millions of dead blogs out there. If there comes a day that I want to stop writing on here I’ll just shut it down or pass it onto someone who is interested.

If I’m so busy then why am I all of a sudden writing? Well it all comes down to the being busy; things on the work front have been going great and I have been taking on a new role which has increased how much time I work. But after working too many 60 hour weeks and staying up late for the umpteenth time I was reading Leo Babauta’s site (ZenHabits) and I got jolted a little bit and it wasn’t a single post but a slow realization. The level of effort I was putting into everything left very little for me and my interests. Until this past week my xbox was not even plugged into the TV (I haven’t been an avid gamer for years but I still enjoy playing from time to time). The net result is that after reading though a whole boatload of material on Leo’s site I realized that I do need to get back to a few basics.

This writing (not just on this site) has always been one of those but also so has my interest in finances. Interests were aligning… there was possibility in the air! So I picked up a few books and just decided that I needed to get back to a few of my interests at least a little bit at a time.

So to the quick update – I’ve been working pretty intensely for the past year and a half and with a 3 year old in the house the work is endless, oh yeah we added the cottage this summer so we were up there a lot to get it ready for rental and just to use it.

The cottage did rent for the latter part of the summer and we managed to get some funds in for that.  This year its all going to cover the amount of money we’ve invested in getting the cottage the way we like it (read: ready for renting). But the experience did teach us a few very valuable lessons: hiring out help does not have to be scary or challenging. Letting people into your property as a renter (even for a week) can produce some anxiety but it doesn’t have to.

From a financial point of view the cottage has altered out financial reality a bit but so far it hasn’t dramatically changed our lifestyle (other than we go up there). We are still managing to keep our finances in order though like way to many people we’re still carrying debt.

The idea of our personal finances hasn’t really left my mind, I keep tabs on my finances and investments and still read new books and blogs though not as many as I used to. Most recently I finished Ramit Sethi’s I will teach you to be Rich which I quite enjoyed and the timing was perfectly in line with my slow move to get back and writing.

In a nutshell that is a quick update – baring some drastic changes over the next few months hopefully I won’t remain as quiet as I have been. A life of all work and no play is pointless.